Church Relations

Ministry Openings

The Church Relations Office is grateful for the opportunity to serve churches, organizations and job seekers as they search for a minister/ ministry.

Below is a list of the ministry openings that have been submitted to the Church Relations Office. The openings are provided by the church or organization seeking a candidate and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Kentucky Christian University. Job candidates should contact the church or organization listed for further information regarding the position(s).

Ministry opportunities are displayed for a maximum of three (3) months from the posting date.

For assistance with the following please contact Doug Martin – or 606-474-3125:

  • To request that an opening be removed if filled sooner than three months.
  • Your opening is not filled within three months and you wish it to continue to be available (3-month extension).
  • You need to edit the information provided in an opening.
Church Name Church Location Category Hours
  • North Terrace Church of Christ Zanesville, Ohio


    1420 Brandywine Blvd
    Zanesville, Ohio 43701
    Weekly Attendance: 750

    Contact Information

    Larry Marshall Phone: (740) 453-2951 Email:

    Position Description

    The Children’s Minister is the primary leader and advocate for kids from birth through 5th
    grade at North Terrace. He/She will lead a growing ministry in a vibrant, family oriented
    faith community. This ministry role consists of team leading, vision casting, and facilitating
    spiritual growth in the lives of children by supporting families and equipping adults.

    We are growing and are looking for the right person to join our team. Please go to and see the full job description and application process!

  • Fairview Christian Church Foster, Kentucky


    2506 Walcott-Johnsville Road
    Foster, Kentucky 41043
    Weekly Attendance: 180

    Contact Information

    Andrew Jones Phone: (859) 391-5499 Email:

    Position Description

    The ultimate purpose of our entire student ministry is to glorify God by bringing students closer to Him. In doing this, the Associate Minister (Youth) will develop and implement a strategy for bringing students sixth through college to a personal faith, and then help them to continue to grow in that faith as they mature.

    1. Build relationships with students and parents.
    2. Report to and coordinate with Senior Minister.
    3. Recruit and train youth volunteers/coaches/sponsors to be involved in the youth program.
    4. Coordinate and lead youth committee meetings in conjunction with the Children’s Director.
    5. Collaborate with curriculum selection.
    6. Be personally involved in teaching opportunities offered at Fairview Chirsitan Church.
    a. Sunday morning Jr/Sr High Sunday School class
    b. Once a month, teach in the Jr. Church/fourth and fifth grade class to build relationships prior to transitioning age groups.
    c. Sunday evening Ignite and or other added learning opportunities.
    7. Assist the Children’s Director with Vacation Bible School or offer junior high options during this time.
    8. Assist the Children’s Director and be involved with events such as Fall Festival.
    9. Plan and lead larger events such as CIY, working and promoting church camp, and youth retreats.
    10. Plan and lead additional smaller activities for students sixth grade through twelfth grade.
    a. At least four to six events annually.
    11. Coordinate and participate in events with external organizations (Camp Northward, local colleges, etc.).
    12. Visit and take part in the lives of our students, both in times of need, and during their growth and development of everyday life.
    a. Attend events in the lives of students outside of church to encourage and support them and be visible within the community.
    13. Attend all staff meetings, board meetings, and elder’s meetings.
    14. Be prepared to fill in preaching when Senior Minister is unavailable and preach and coordinate youth involvement for youth Sundays.
    15. If gifted in this area, participate in worship/song services.

    Terms of Contract for the Associate Minister:
    1. Following the recommendation of the search committee, the Associate Minister (Youth) shall be hired by the Board of the Fairview Christian Church.
    2. The Associate Minister (Youth) shall continue to serve for an unspecified period as led by God and as long as agreed duties are performed.
    3. Termination of the Associate Minister (Youth) may be done by the Board with written notice thirty days in advance. Notice may be shorter upon the consent of both parties.
    4. Vacation time is two weeks with two Sundays. Other requests for Sundays off must be approved by the Board in advance.
    5. Pay for this position will be agreed upon by the candidate and the Board and reviewed annually with a starting target salary of $47,000-$50,000.
    a. The board will also provide an annual contribution to Youth Minister’s retirement and a $4,000 expense account available for this position to help with personal expenses related to the position.

  • Northside Church of Christ Newark, Ohio


    4427 Marion Rd.
    Newark, Ohio 43055
    Weekly Attendance: 80
    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    EDWARD WRIGHT Phone: (740) 745-2339 Email:

    Position Description

    Initially the position would be part time. In this role the individual would be responsible for developing a coordinated youth program at the church,which woulld involve oversight of a children’s church, to include planning activities and directing the Sunday morning youth Bible study.
    The individual would also preach one Sunday a month with the ultimate goal of becoming the full-time minister of the church in 2025. Canidate would accept mentoring from current minister and associate minister to assist in his professional developement and to learn the doctrinal positions of the Church of Christ/Christian Church.
    Any intersted candidate must first meet with the Church elders, preach one sermon to the congregation (being paid $100, the current payment for a guest preacher}, and pass a background check.
    If the candidate fulfils the above requirements, at the ed of 2024 the person will be voted on by the entire congregation and should obtain a 70% approval be the entire church membership. Should that happen, in January 2025 the individual will officially be offered the position of full-time minister of the Northside Church fo Christ.
    Job Description of Full-time position:
    Regular preaching at Sunday morning services (with occasional breaks for vacations,etc}, do hospital and home vistitations, assisted by church elders. The person will become involved with church and community activities as possible and serve with the intent of helping the congregation in both attendace and spiritual growth.
    During 2024 the part-time position will pay $250 per week. If the indidual is chosen to serve as minister in January 2025 and accepts the position, pay and benefits will be negotiable based on education and experience.

  • Driftwood Christian Church Vallonia, Indiana


    5564 S. State Rd. 135
    Vallonia, Indiana 47281
    Weekly Attendance: 150-160
    Website: http:/

    Contact Information

    Adam Disque Phone: (812) 569-0573 Email:

    Position Description

    Character Profile
    Loves God—Demonstrates and articulates a heart for the Lord and the life of a disciple who is working to make disciples.

    Loves Others—Demonstrates a life committed to loving others, with a special gift for loving children/students and equipping them to be disciples of Jesus. Loves people and understands the importance of engaging with people based upon the inherent value they each possess as children of God.

    Leadership—Demonstrates the ability to lead people in this ministry toward goals and objectives.

    Core Values—Desires to live a life that reflects the values of Driftwood Christian Church. Rooted Scripturally, Welcoming, Loving, Serving, Generous, and Redemptive.

    The Student/Children’s Minister will oversee the discipleship process for the spiritual development of children/students in grades K-12 of Driftwood Christian Church.
    Conduct appropriate training events for volunteers, parents, and children that meet the overall mission, vision, and values of this Church and the Children’s and Student Ministry.

    Preaching & Teaching
    Will develop and direct a team of effective teachers, while serving as a member of that teaching team as gifted.
    Will lead and/or direct the Youth Church held during the overall worship service.
    Teach, at times, Middle and High School Sunday School classes

    Assist the Education Committee in recruiting teachers and leaders, designing and coordinating the training/equipping of teachers and leaders, overseeing the curriculum chosen, and acting as a resource for teachers and leaders.
    Provide encouragement, feedback/coaching, and direction for leaders as needed.
    Manage communication to children, students, parents, teachers and leaders via bulletins, newsletters, advertisements, posters, other means of communication available.
    Maintain list of approved volunteers.
    Provide safe environment with security systems in place for our children and our children’s ministry volunteers and leaders.

    Pastoral Care
    Will make pastoral visits in homes, at hospitals and elsewhere as needed as part of the pastoral staff on-call rotation and other times as needed, particularly in instances where children or students are involved.
    Counsel children and parents as needed.
    Connect with local schools via personal relationships with administration, faculty and by attending school activities and athletic events.

    Organizational Relationship

    Work closely with children, student and adult ministries in planning activities, casting vision, and then communicating to teachers/leaders, children, and parents as appropriate.
    Work on special church-wide projects, on mission trips, and other ministerial tasks.
    Manage communication to students, parents, teachers and leaders via bulletins, newsletters, advertisements, posters, other means of communication available.
    Establish relationships/activities with sister churches in area
    Student & Children Minister’s Authority
    Will oversee all student/children’s ministry activities including Youth Church, Sunday School, VBS and other children’s ministry events working closely with the Education Committee.
    Provide direction, resources and support for Education Committee and volunteers.

    The Children’s Minister reports directly to the Senior Minister and the Elders of Driftwood Christian Church.
    Practical Duties
    Keep regular office hours and leaves directions how to be reached when not in the office.
    Actively participate in various ministry activities when possible.
    Act as a representative of Driftwood Christian Church, ministerial staff and office staff on occasion.
    Actively seek opportunities for continuing education and professional growth as a Children and Student Minister.
    Officiate at wedding ceremonies (including premarital counseling) and funeral services) when requested.
    Assist the Senior Minister as needed
    Fill pulpit on occasion when necessary

  • Cornerstone Christian Church Brownsburg, Indiana


    8930 North State Road 267
    Brownsburg, Indiana 46112
    Weekly Attendance: 425

    Contact Information

    Bill Estes Phone: (317) 695-7313 Email:

    Position Description

    Cornerstone Christian Church is a vibrant and growing church called to impact our world with the love and message of Jesus Christ. The Early Childhood Director will oversee all aspects of Cornerstone’s Children’s Ministry for children birth – PreK. This includes Sunday services and special events and will promote relational discipleship with the families of Cornerstone. He/she will serve as the primary leader and communicator for the Early Childhood Ministry at Cornerstone Christian Church. The Early Childhood Director will seek to creatively implement Cornerstone’s mission, vision, values in an age-appropriate manner to those children and families.


    All Cornerstone staff members are required to be in agreement with the mission, vision, values, and Doctrinal Statement of Cornerstone Christian Church. They are also expected to adhere to the conditions for employment as outlined in our guidelines. Those who serve the Lord and the families at Cornerstone are expected to embrace a high biblical standard of personal conduct and lifestyle, both public and personal.


    Top Priorities:

    1. Relational
      1. Early Childhood Families and Volunteers
      2. Early Childhood Environments
    2. Administrative
      1. Volunteer Management
      2. Communication
      3. Social Media
    3. Team Collaboration



    • Develop programming for Early Childhood ministry (recruit/train volunteers, scheduling volunteers, curriculum, environment, etc.)
    • Create a worship opportunity for Early Childhood ministry
    • Partner with Children’s Minister in the direction of the Children’s Ministry at Cornerstone
    • Coordinate and build relationships with volunteers including communication
    • Utilize Planning Center for volunteers and events
    • Provide a Family Dedication service/training in collaboration with other ministries
    • Collaborate with Elementary Ministry including a graduation and integration from Preschool to Elementary



    • Attend weekly staff meetings and monthly elder meetings
    • Collaborate with Cornerstone Staff on services, events, etc.
    • Update and maintain social media for Children’s/Early Childhood Ministry
    • Assist in Cornerstone’s VBS program
    • Assist in the Upward Soccer program
      • Stars program designed for 3-year-olds
      • 4s-K program
    • Collaborate/Facilitate Women’s BSF program as needed
    • Other duties as assigned


    Preferred Skills:

    • Able to partner with young families in relational discipleship
    • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, website, etc.
    • Proficient in or able to learn Planning Center


    Preferred Education/Experience:

    • BS Degree in Early Childhood
    • 1-5 Years of Ministry or Early Childhood experience


  • Morrison Hill Chrisitan Church Kingston, Tennessee


    106 Morrison Hill Circle
    Kingston, Tennessee 37763
    Weekly Attendance: 300

    Contact Information

    Jay Osborne Email:

    Position Description

    Executive Minister – Job Description
The Executive Minister shall work with the Elders to coordinate the ministries of the church through oversight of the Ministerial Staff, Administrative Staff, and Ministry Leaders. Provide administrative tools and practices needed to translate the vision of team ministry into actionable steps; including planning, scheduling, and implementing programs that educate, disciple, and provide relationship building opportunities across all demographics. This minister will share the responsibility of preparing the church congregation for making disciples.

    Minimum Requirements:
    • A mature Christian faith, evidence of the fruits of the Spirit, and a continuing desire for spiritual growth.
    • A Bible college graduate or a ministry degree and significant work experience in ministry.
    • A demonstrated passion and commitment to the spiritual growth of the congregation.
    • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to motivate, inspire, equip and encourage others.
    • Ability, desire, and commitment to work as a team with the rest of the ministry staff, church leaders, volunteers, and families.

    Key Position Skills:
    • Discerning between good and great ministry opportunities for the church.
    • Coordinating the communication of staff and congregation across ministries and leadership.
    • Strong relational, organizational, and coaching skills.
    • Ability to work closely and cooperatively with other ministerial staff, ministry teams, and other church leaders.
    • Proven ability to develop and implement strategies.
    • Recruiting and equipping volunteers to lead and assist in ministry teams.
    • Sermon preparation and delivery.
    • Must be experienced with budget management, program development and implementation, and work with volunteers.
    • Must have strong organizational and time management skills.
    Excellent oral and written communication skills.

    This person will be:
    • ADMINISTRATOR – to handle the coordination of the church allowing Senior Minister to focus on preaching and teaching and the Elders to shepherd the flock.
    • NETWORKER – bridging across all ages and life situations.
    • FACILITATOR – to translate the vision of team ministry into actionable objectives.
    • POINT MAN – to say no to all the opportunities that don’t fit the vision.
    • COMMUNICATOR – to allow the leadership of the church to function as one.
    • MANAGER – for wise use and care of facilities and employees.
    • LEADER – Preparing the way for what God has next.
    • FORCE MULTIPLIER – to assist in making disciples who make disciples.
    • A member of the ministerial team performing counseling, weddings, funerals as the needs arise.

    Position Responsibilities:
    • Responsible for maintaining focus on the MHCC vision, direction, and strategic plan for the church, ensuring ministerial functions and youth programs remain integrated with the vision and purpose.
    • Oversee the ministerial staff and perform annual evaluations and job description revisions.
    • Teach other services & classes as required or permitted by elders
    • Oversee and coordinate non-ministerial staff (except Treasurer, nursery workers or PDO staff) – perform regular evaluations and make employment recommendations.
    • Attend meetings with elders and board as required.
    • Oversee and coordinate vacation and time-off schedules with other ministers to ensure pulpit responsibilities are covered each Sunday.
    • Must be an ordained minister.
    • Other duties as required by the elders.

  • South Union Christian Church


    Weekly Attendance: 275

    Contact Information

    Jeremy Clark Phone: (812) 322-2323 Email:

    Position Description

    South Union Christian Church is searching for an Associate Pastor of Students and Discipleship.

    Here’s a little about us: We are situated in Bloomington, Indiana, the home of the Indiana University Hoosiers. Our church resides just outside of the city which offers us a wide range of activities for families and large population to influence for the kingdom with our access to the urban and rural areas. We are a church with an average attendance 275 people with 5 full time staff members that make up our staff team. We are an elder led church that desires to see people come to know Jesus.

    Our current student minister will be taking a new position in the spring of 2024 and has worked hard for the past 5 years to create a relational ministry culture with our students. Additionally, over the past 3 years our church has seen an increase of participation in small groups and life groups. Our thought of doing life together and the spiritual growth that happens through that has taken off in a good direction. This unique role will allow for a person to do Student Ministry but also allow them to have influence in the bigger picture of the life of our church, something that rarely happens for most student ministry positions.

    As the Associate Pastor of Students and Discipleship at South Union Christian Church, you’ll have the support not only a staff team that truly feels like family, especially the Sr. Pastor that values Student Ministry and the role that discipleship plays in the church. It’s our desire for you step into your role confidently and hit the ground running in this new position.


    • Education and/or experience that have prepared you for this role.
    • Commitment to our mission, vision, and values.
    • Agreement with our doctrinal statements
    • You lead others to follow Jesus out of an overflow of your own growing relationship with Jesus.
    • You’re passionate about reaching students with the good news of Jesus.
    • You’re excited about the idea of building not only the student ministry but contributing to the growth of the church overall.


    • Lead the charge of evangelism, discipleship, and ministry for grades 7-12.
    • Recruit, train, and empower volunteers to do student ministry.
    • Develop small group culture and systems that foster growth spiritually and numerically.
    • Find balance of office hours and time spent in the community with students.
    • Collaborate with our entire church staff on strategic, kingdom-minded -wide initiatives to amplify our impact in the city and reach more people for Jesus.
    • Meet regularly with the Sr. Pastor to pursue ongoing spiritual and professional growth opportunities.
    • Organize and structure adult small groups and life groups.
    • Recruit, train, and equip small group leaders.
    • Serve on Sunday morning teaching team for adult worship.
    • Perform other pastoral duties as required (funerals, weddings, etc.)


    We do our best to take good care of our people. The salary for this role will align with the education and/or experience of the person who fills this role.


    To apply for this job, send a resume to

  • Otwell Christian Church Jonesboro, Arkansas


    46 CR 221
    Jonesboro, Arkansas 72404
    Weekly Attendance: 90

    Contact Information

    Jim Roberts Phone: (870) 815-1015 Email:

    Position Description

    Otwell Christian Church is looking for a full time 2024 summer Youth Director . The Youth Director will be working with grades 1st-12th. Salary is $300.00 per week. We will supply an apartment, cable, and a/c. At the end of the summer we will pay $5,500.00 for your tuition for one semester at a Christian Church Bible College. Send resume’ to Otwell Christian Church, 46 CR 221, Jonesboro, Arkansas 72404 or email :

  • Dover First Christian Church Dover, Ohio


    3029 North Wooster Avenue
    Dover, Ohio 44622
    Weekly Attendance: 120

    Contact Information

    Josh Robinson Phone: (234) 369-9023 Email:

    Position Description

    Dover First Christian Church is searching for a Full Time Student Minister. The primary responsibility for this position will be to serve students (and families) in Elementary School through High School. This includes outreach, discipleship, and pastoral care for our students.

    Dover is a bedroom community to Canton, Ohio, and is located in central Tuscarawas County. We currently have a great team of volunteers in place and a growing youth program. We are looking for someone who loves students, has a heart for reaching the lost, and is willing to work as part of a team. Our church understands the importance of this role and has a long history of supporting student ministries.

    A full job description is available upon request.

  • First Christian Church Shelbyville, Tennessee


    309 Madison Street
    Shelbyville, Tennessee 37162
    Weekly Attendance: 60

    Contact Information

    Dan Asche Phone: (513) 504-7199 Fax: (000) 000-0000 Email:

    Position Description

    Summer intern to work with our established church T Ball summer ministry & to work with various areas of the church through out the summer months @ approximately 30 hours per week. Needing someone who loves to build relationships with young families & children.

  • The Grove Community Christian Church Baltimore, Ohio


    3420 Blacklick-Eastern Rd NW
    Baltimore, Ohio 43105
    Weekly Attendance: 100

    Contact Information

    Derek Lauer Phone: (602) 284-5812 Email:

    Position Description

    The Grove Community Christian Church




    The SETTING:


    The Grove Community Christian Church finds its home in an idyllic setting.  The Village of Baltimore is a small community in central Ohio with a population of about 3,000.  Housing is affordable.  People are friendly and kind.  Values are mostly conservative.  Surrounded by farm and pasture lands on the outskirts of Baltimore it would appear the church is in the middle of nowhere.  However, it would be important to not be fooled.


    Within a 10 mile radius of the church there are over 32,000 homes that are by and large unchurched.  In addition, new construction is booming down the roads that lead to the church.  Moreover, the church sits just 20 miles from the heart of downtown Columbus.  With a population of just over 900,000 and a regional population of over 2.1 million, Columbus Ohio ranks as the 14th largest city in America.  The bedroom community of Baltimore and the surrounding towns find their schools filled with children and youth who come from young families who are mostly unchurched.


    The area, therefore, provides an expansive opportunity for a church that is ready to be salt and light to a world in desperate need of Jesus as its Lord and Savior.  The Grove desires to be that church!


    The CHURCH:


    The church finds its roots in the “Restoration Movement”.  This unique season in church history that took place in the late 1700’s, early 1800’s found people from all denominations who were fed up with sectarian theology and anti-Biblical teaching.  The goal became to take the Bible as their only rule of authority and to establish a church that restored what we read about in its pages.  They believed that Christians should be united and the church should be one.  They were confident that if we rejected creeds and counsels and made the Bible the only source of authority, their dream could be unleashed.


    In 1974, Midway Christian Church was born with a commitment to stand on the restoration principles.  Its first meeting place was a home.  Soon thereafter a farming family in the church determined they wanted to provide the land to support a church building.  Five acres was donated.  Several years later the church purchased the additional acreage from the family giving the church a total of 42 acres.  Buildings were constructed.  Lives were changed.  And by the mid 1990’s church attendance grew to 150.


    By the turn of the century the church had fallen on hard times.  Attendance was running around 30.  The leaders of the church sought the wisdom of a “mega church” 20 miles away.  Those meetings ended with Midway Christian Church becoming a satellite of Fairfield Christian Church.  In 2008 an aggressive building program began to add 65,000 square feet of building space to the existing 10,000 square feet.  The dream was that the Christian school of the main campus would house their Jr and Sr High school (The Academy) on the Baltimore campus.  Interestingly the main campus underwent hard times, the school never moved into the facility and the decision was made to separate the two churches make them two individual congregations once again.  The separation occurred.  The buildings and grounds were bought back by Midway Christian who, in the process, changed her name to The Grove Community Christian Church.


    The leadership of The Grove is excited about the coming years.  We are committed to hiring a fulltime Children’s Pastor to join with our fulltime Youth Pastor.  We understand that 95% of people who come to Christ do so before they are 25 years of age.  We have determined to allocate a significant percentage of our church resource to reach out to this age group (birth – young adult) and spur on evangelism and church growth.


    Children’s SPACE


    The facility that was erected in 2008 includes a children’s wing with nearly 20,000 square feet of space.  Classrooms, resource areas are in abundance.  We are looking for a person who will bring vision and growth to the Children’s Ministry area and help us fill up these rooms with bright-eyes children.




    Our future Children’s Pastor will be a person with:


    • A passion to reach and lead children in their personal walk with God


    • A desire to partner with parents and help them model Jesus and pass on a heritage of godliness


    • Gifts of leadership, organization, teaching


    • An understanding of the need to recruit, train and retain a volunteer staff


    • An eagerness to help mold our Children’s Ministry and take it to the next level


    • VISION!  An ability to see what it can be!


    • A person working toward a bachelor’s degree from a Christian college, or a seminary degree


    The FUTURE IS BRIGHT and we STAND READY to press ahead


    If you have any further questions, you can contact me by email: – Or through my cell phone (602) 284-5812.



    Derek Lauer

    Senior Pastor



  • First Christian Church Fairfield, Illinois


    100 W Center St
    Fairfield, Illinois 62837
    Weekly Attendance: 325

    Contact Information

    Craig Scott Phone: (618) 842-4311 Fax: (618) 842-7688 Email:

    Position Description

    FCC is seeking a Worship Minister who will provide direction, supervision,
    encouragement , and planning for the worship life of the church.
    The Worship Minister is to provide leadership and coordination of staff members and  volunteers involved in this ministry. This includes recruiting, training, scheduling, and motivating volunteers for leadership in the worship and creative arts ministry.
    This individual is also responsible to be the primary lead in congregational worship as well as managing and maintaining equipment used in worship, streaming, and stage presentation. Personally, this individual should lead by example by being an active and growing disciple of Christ.
    Salary range is $40,000-$60,000, depending on experience. Experience is preferred,
    but not mandatory . Knowledge of Pro Presenter and Planning Center would be a plus.
    Assistance with student loan may be available.
    Please see the website ( for a full job description. If interested, please
    email a cover letter, resume, and references to

  • Embreeville Church of Christ Erwin, Tennessee


    4343 Hwy 81 S
    Erwin, Tennessee 37650
    Weekly Attendance: 150
    Website: http://

    Contact Information

    Matt Fisher Phone: (423) 213-4732 Email:

    Position Description

    The Embreeville Church of Christ is seeking a dedicated and passionate individual to serve as our Part-Time Youth Minister . This position offers an exciting opportunity to engage with young people, foster spiritual growth, and build a supportive community within our congregation.


    1. Leadership and Coordination: Lead and coordinate all aspects of the youth ministry program, including planning and organizing events, gatherings, and outreach activities.
    2. Spiritual Guidance: Provide spiritual guidance, mentorship, and support to youth members, encouraging them in their faith journey and personal development.
    3. Teaching and Facilitation: Develop and deliver engaging lessons, discussions, and activities that promote spiritual growth, biblical understanding, and Christian values among youth participants.
    4. Relationship Building: Cultivate positive relationships with youth, parents, volunteers, and church leadership, fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.
    5. Community Engagement: Connect with local schools, organizations, and community partners to collaborate on youth-related initiatives and outreach efforts.
    6. Event Planning: Organize and oversee youth events, retreats, service projects, and social gatherings, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.
    7. Volunteer Recruitment and Training: Recruit, train, and equip volunteers to assist with youth ministry activities, empowering them to serve effectively and make a meaningful impact.
    8. Communication: Maintain regular communication with youth members, parents, volunteers, and church leadership through various channels, including email, social media, and in-person meetings.


    • A committed follower of Jesus Christ with a passion for youth ministry and a desire to disciple young people.
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to connect with youth of diverse backgrounds and build meaningful relationships.
    • Previous experience working with youth in a church or community setting is preferred.
    • Knowledge of Scripture and Christian theology, with the ability to teach and articulate biblical principles effectively.
    • Excellent organizational and leadership abilities, with the capacity to plan and execute youth events and activities.
    • Ability to work collaboratively with a team of volunteers and church staff members.
    • Flexibility to work evenings and weekends as needed to accommodate youth ministry activities and events.

    This is a part-time position with flexible hours, requiring approximately 20 hours per week. Compensation will be commensurate with experience. Interested candidates are invited to submit a resume and cover letter outlining their qualifications and interest in the position to our senior minister Matt Fisher at the provided email. We look forward to hearing from you, we pray that God will guide and direct you in your service to The Kingdom!

  • Reach Out on Campus (ROC) Athens, Ohio


    785 W. Union St.
    Athens, Ohio 45701


    Contact Information

    Bruce Stoker Phone: (740) 593-7414 Email:

    Position Description

    Position: Executive Director/Campus Minister

    Reach Out on Campus is a vibrant faith community with a long history service to Ohio University. Reach Out on Campus, or ROC as we affectionately call it, has been serving OU and students from all around southeastern Ohio since 1975. Additionally ROC planted a second campus ministry nearby at the University of Rio Grande in 2020 which also continues to grow. ROC is currently seeking a full-time Executive Director / Campus Minister to oversee the ministry and staff and to serve at our flagship ministry and campus house at Ohio University. We are currently looking for a candidate to come in and build upon the success that we’ve enjoyed over many years while also implementing new vision for the future as ROC approaches its 50th anniversary.

    The successful candidate will meet the following minimum guidelines and expectations.

    1. Spiritual Guidance:

    • Provide religious and spiritual guidance to students while continuing the long-standing tradition of proven discipleship that ROC is known for
    • Organize and lead / direct worship services and Bible studies
    • Offer counseling and support for students as they continue to grow in their faith during a critical phase of life

    2. Community Building:

    • Foster a sense of community among students from diverse backgrounds and faith traditions
    • Organize and facilitate events, retreats, service / mission trips, and other community events
    • Leverage the campus house (ROC House) as a place of community building by welcoming students into the space
    • Collaborate with local churches and student organizations to serve the campus and community
    • Participate in OU’s University Interfaith Association to help advocate for the spiritual needs of students as well as to maintain a meaningful connection to the university

    3. Counseling and Support:

    • Provide pastoral counseling to students facing personal, academic, or spiritual challenges
    • Be available for one-on-one sessions to address specific concerns or offer guidance
    • Recognize when a student’s needs require referral to a licensed professional mental health counselor

    4. Student Leader Development:

    • Recruit and develop a team of student leaders to serve key roles within the student organization and to help plan, lead, and facilitate events
    • Lead students through a formal leader training process to help prepare them for the roles and challenges of leadership in a faith community
    • Meet weekly with student leaders to provide structure, support, and accountability for the team

    5. Outreach and Recruitment:

    • Reach out to new students during key times such as Bobcat Student Orientation, move-in, student involvement fair, and more
    • Incorporate current students and leaders into outreach events
    • Develop regular / routine communication with potential new students regarding meeting times and locations by involving student leaders

    6. External Communications:

    • Develop and maintain routine communication with donors, churches, and other interested parties
    • Oversee the monthly ROC Update (both electronic and print formats) which includes student spotlight articles, a staff article, prayer requests for the ministry, and monthly giving totals
    • Manage ROC’s social media presence on various platforms such as Instagram and Facebook

    7. Fundraising:

    • Maintain meaningful connection with ROC’s current list of donors and churches through both written communication and in-person visits
    • Continue to foster and develop relationships with new donors and financial partners to help meet ROC giving and budgetary needs
    • Work alongside ROC financial secretary to maintain detailed giving records
    • Develop and oversee effective giving campaigns
    • Provide guidance to other ROC staff members as they raise funds for the ministry

    8. Budget Oversight:

    • Work alongside ROC Board to develop and oversee annual budget / spending plan
    • Develop an understanding of ROC expenses and assist the board in stewarding the gifts entrusted to ROC
    • Turn in timely expense reports and file all receipts with financial secretary

    9. ROC Board of Directors:

    • Develop routine communication with ROC Board Members through quarterly board reports and board meetings
    • Provide effective communication with the board when issues arise between quarterly meetings that may require input from the board or board awareness

    10. Staff Oversight:

    • Oversee other ROC staff members which currently include a full-time campus minister for Rio, a part-time worship minister, and a part-time financial secretary
    • Handle day to day staff operations and address any issues that arise throughout the course of their employment
    • Perform regular performance appraisals and reviews

    10. Continuing Education:

    • Stay current on trends in campus ministry, student culture, and higher education
    • Attend relevant conferences, workshops, and training sessions


    • Bachelor’s degree in a ministry related field
    • 3-5 years of relevant ministry experience
    • Effective communicator in both spoken and written communications
    • Previous staff oversight and leadership is a plus
    • Ability to work as a self-starter willing to come alongside current students leaders and staff and help them succeed in the events they have planned
    • Discipline to create and maintain structure and routine in keeping with ROC employment standards
    • A passion for students and faith community
  • Woodland Lakes Christian Camp and Retreat Center Amelia, Ohio


    3054 Lindale Mt. Holly Rd
    Amelia, Ohio 45102
    Weekly Attendance: 2200

    Contact Information

    Andrew Johnson Phone: (513) 797-5268 Email:

    Position Description

    Mid May- early August
    Modeling Christian and Serving Others
    Room and Board Providing
    Competitive Pay
    Facilitating Activities, Lifeguarding, Food Service, Maintenance and more Application Available Online

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Investment of Time, Prayer, and Love

“I’ll never forget how the Bible and Ministry professors at 博天堂官方 cared about me as a person. They didn’t just see me
as a student number. They invested time, prayer, and love into my life and my ministry, and I’m eternally thankful
for their influence.”

Sean Plank, Class of 2010

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